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Before the switch to private health insurance (PHI) but you should absolutely check the offers from various insurers. So that you preserve the luxuriant jungle of tariff at all times a clear view, if you want to do an effective comparison to the private health insurance (PHI), we are happy with our extensive service for you.

We offer an overview of all open-access private health insurance in Germany and advise you specifically and with great expertise, so you are excellently catered for and very often can save a lot of money. With our excellent on-line calculator, you can always get a certain private health insurance (PHI) in comparison with other offers considered. To find our knowledgeable support a favorable private health insurance (PHI) with an extensive range of services. The age, sex, state of health of the policyholder at the conclusion of the contract and thereby cause the chosen insurance protection for private health insurance (PHI) different rates. Make an appointment with the best of our staff or send us an email regarding the information you need to switch to private health insurance (PHI). We personally stand with help and advice.